Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Last week, the schedule for the 2020 Tokyo Game Show was announced. Capcom will be participating in a special live stream - featuring reveals, game updates and plans for titles such as the new Resident Evil and more...

In the lead-up to this online event, Capcom is running a special software sale on its official website. As noted by fans of the company and reported on by VGC, the "most prominently featured discount" is for the Nintendo Switch title Monster Hunter XX (known locally as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate).

While this might not be anything more than a sale, it's certainly interesting timing to spotlight this particular game/series after recent rumours surfaced about a new Monster Hunter title for the Switch being revealed soon.

In a shareholder meeting earlier this year, Capcom also mentioned how it was open to developing a new Monster Hunter entry that would be more popular with the high school age bracket (in other words, a new portable release).

If the company does have anything about Monster Hunter to announce, we guess we'll hear about it in a few weeks time at the Tokyo Game Show, running from 24th - 27th September. See the full event line-up in our previous post. Would you like a new Monster Hunter game on Nintendo Switch? Share your thoughts below.