Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (2018)

Capcom has told fans multiple times that it won't be bringing its latest home console Monster Hunter game (Monster Hunter World) to the Nintendo Switch. At the company's 41st annual meeting of shareholders in June, though, management said it was open to developing a new entry that would be more popular with the high school age bracket (aka a new portable entry).

Now, according to the supposed Capcom insider Dusk Golem - who has made some accurate predictions in recent times, the Japanese company is getting ready to reveal a new Monster Hunter game for the Nintendo Switch "soon". This game is allegedly running on a Switch compatible version of the RE Engine instead of an older MT Framework engine.

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Oh, and if you're wondering if there's a chance of the newer Resident Evil games coming to the Switch based on this information, the same insider claims it won't be happening:

"I will crush one dream with my RE Engine on Switch talk: RE7, RE2 & RE3 aren't coming to Switch. They tried to port RE7 to Switch for a while one time, but had difficulty getting any satisfactory result. RE Engine games for Switch will need to be made with Switch in mind."

Would you like to see a new Monster Hunter game make its way to the Switch? Share your thoughts below.

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