Launching today on Nintendo Switch is Vampire’s Fall: Origins, a gothic RPG from Early Morning Studio.

We first highlighted this one back in July, when the game's developer told us to expect more than 50 hours of gameplay, "countless" enemies, over 250 pieces of armour and weapons to find, and more. It features a dark-humoured story and 2D open-world RPG elements, all mixed together with turn-based combat throughout.

Here's an official blurb:

Stepping into the shoes of a fledgling vampire you are set on a course of vengeance after the malevolent Witchmaster destroys the Vamp’Ire village that you call home. Journey through a vast 2D open world, embarking on quests and combating the dark magic conjurings of your evil foe.

Engage in snarky dialogues that offer a lighthearted counterpoint to the sinister atmosphere as you face scores of enemies through over 50 hours of gameplay. Whether you choose the path of righteousness or deceit, you must level up your character by unlocking new skills and abilities as well as upgrade your gear along the way in order to stand a chance.

You'll find the game on the eShop today for €9.99 / £8.99 / $12.99 when it goes live in your region.

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