This week marks the 10 year anniversary of Pokémon Black and White on the Nintendo DS (aka the fifth generation of Pokémon games). Both titles were originally released on 18th September 2010 in Japan - with the western launch following in March 2011.

These entries were some of the top-selling games on the DS, shifting more than 15 million units worldwide. The only Pokémon games to outperform this on the DS were the generation four installments, Diamond and Pearl (17.67 units).

The fifth-gen introduced trainers to the region of Unova and tasked them with putting a stop to the criminal gang, Team Plasma. Throughout this adventure, there were a total of 156 new Pokémon to collect. It also improved the graphics, introduced two new battle styles (rotational and triple), and added some extras like seasons and animated pocket monster sprites.

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