Jet Lancer, a Code Wakers-developed shoot 'em up that launched on Switch back in May, is set to receive a mighty Arcade Mode update. The best news? It's free!

This new update includes a brand-new endless wave mode featuring rogue-lite elements and "nail-biting boss team-up battles", as well as a few extra additions to the game. We've got a full rundown of the new stuff right here:

  • An endless wave-based score-attack mode.
  • Unique, stacking upgrades, making each run one-of-a-kind. The longer you survive, the more powerful you become.
  • Multi-boss battles - fight multiple bosses from the story mode at the same time.
  • Three new pilots with unique jets and handling.
  • New Progressions system to unlock additional pilots and their jets
  • Three new primary weapons
    • Flamethrower: Immense repeatable damage at very close range.
    • Railgun: Instantaneous precision shots.
    • Coil Gun: Chain lightning between grouped enemies.

The update has just gone live for players on Steam, with the Switch version of the update to follow. Hopefully we won't have long to wait - the team tells us that it'll arrive "soon" and is currently pending approval from Nintendo.

If you haven't tried Jet Lancer yet, we'd urge you to check out our full review to learn more. If it's for you, feel free to get it downloaded and enjoy the prospect of this new content arriving soon.