N64 Switch Dock
Image: reddit

When it comes to custom Switch docks, the fan community has shown some incredible ingenuity over the past three years and come up with many an eye-pleasing alternative to Nintendo's official offering. The fan-made Link's Awakening and Animal Crossing docks (not the official one, although that's pretty too) are particular highlights.

Several older generations of Nintendo hardware have found themselves repurposed as fully-functioning docks for the hybrid console, too. We'd had the recycled NES Switch dock, of course, followed naturally by the SNES variety, and we've even seen third-party manufacturers channelling retro console designs, with the PowrBay looking like a mini (and squashed) GameCube, and Hyperkin's mini dock echoing the curves of the Nintendo 64.

Well, the fan community has struck again, this time with a dock fashioned from a busted Nintendo 64. As posted to reddit by slum_boy, the console shell has been recycled and combines the innards of a Switch dock and a GameCube controller adaptor to form the beast you see in the full original image below:

N64 Switch Dock Reddit Original
Image: reddit

Here are some comments from the maker about the building process:

I found the N64 at a garage sale and took the parts out to make room for the switch hardware. Once that was done, I opened up the cartridge slot just a bit so that the Switch would fit in there once I got the hardware from the dock in. After I put the new hardware in, I put an HDMI extension and a USB-C extension that lead out the original ports on the back of the console. I wasn’t satisfied with the gaping controller holes, so I took a gamecube controller adapter and extenders and put them in there to fill the gap. The main problem with the build was finding space for all of the cabling, so I actually learned how to solder in order to shorten the extenders and the USB cables on the adapter. Once I had set the adapter, I just JB welded the extenders to the old controller sockets and they hold up quite well (so far)! After that, all that was left was to plug in and play!

Actually, this isn't the first time the N64 has got the Switch dock treatment, although we think the GameCube ports on this version give it a little extra retro juice.

All our old consoles are still in fine working order, but when they do eventually go to that big console warehouse in the sky, it's nice to know we'll be able to repurpose their empty shells into something useful. Consoles never die!

What do you think? Got any non-working hardware lying around that you fancy fashioning into a dock for your Switch? Share your ideas below.

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