Zelda Dock
Image: Senpai3D

Back in January of last year, we featured an awesome, custom-made Super Mario Odyssey-themed Switch dock which had been created by Etsy seller, Senpai3D. Now, they're back, and this new creation is every bit as wonderful as the last.

What you see before you is a 3D-printed model of Koholint Island, the setting of Zelda: Link's Awakening which has conveniently just launched on Switch. You simply place your Switch into the slot and hook up the included extender cable to your real Switch dock. Senpai3D says it can also be used as a funky charging station for your Switch Lite (but obviously can't be used to truly dock it) and there's even a space for an amiibo on the beach.

If you're interested, you can go ahead and order one for yourself on Etsy as we speak.

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What do you think? The perfect Zelda experience? Let us know if you want to grab one of these with a comment below.

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