Snes Switch Dock

If you fancy a new project to take on while you're stuck at home, or if you happen to have a broken SNES already lying around, perhaps it's time to turn one into a custom, fully-working Switch dock?

Remember last month when we shared Reddit user IMOKRUOK's work on a broken NES, which transformed the faulty console into a fully-functioning dock? Well, they're back once again, this time finding a broken SNES on eBay and trying the exact same thing.

IMOKRUOK says the project took around 35-40 hours in total, providing a list of tools used and estimated costs over on Reddit. The transformation not only includes a place for the Switch console to sit (which can even be lifted "about half an inch" using the SNES' eject button), but also a place to attach the Joy-Con while they're not in use.

The transformation starts to truly take shape...

If you want to see how the whole process went, IMOKRUOK has shared a gallery of 100+ images here. The SNES was in pretty bad shape when they first picked it up.

A very respectful effort indeed. N64's next, right?

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