The Nintendo Switch dock is a nifty little solution for the system's key gimmick, with its near-instant conversion of the console's image to a TV and vice-versa when the tablet is removed. Presuming you're relatively careful with it and you're not one of a small number that ended up with a defective unit, it does the job nicely.

While some are looking for modern workarounds through using cables, one clever owner - tettzan777 on Reddit - has turned a Nintendo 64 into a dock. Before anyone gets too upset, they've made it clear that the retro console had pretty much died so they wanted to put it to good use.

This isn't just a hollowed out N64 that's a place to rest the system though, it's actually a dock. It's relatively clever but not quite rocket science - as this gallery of images shows the dock's board was moved into the N64 shell and hooked up from there.

It's a nice idea for sure, albeit one that not many of us will use ourselves.

Would you like to have a Nintendo 64 Switch dock?

Thanks to all that sent this in.