Switch Dock NES

It's never nice to see a games console finally bite the dust, never to play another game or take centre stage underneath the TV again, but some talented folk save the day by repurposing the poor little things for future use.

Take the talented Joe Heaton, for example, who we've previously featured on the site for transforming broken Nintendo DS consoles into gorgeous Game Boy Advance systems. Or indeed the star of today's article, Reddit user IMOKRUOK, who's managed to salvage a broken NES by turning it into a fully functioning docking station for a Nintendo Switch.

IMOKRUOK says that they bought a broken NES from a local seller page, stripping out the insides in case they could be used to service their own NES in the future, and reusing its shell to form the casing of this new Switch dock.

You can see the process of the new Switch dock being built here; new internal pieces had to be laser cut and the whole thing fits very snuggly indeed, with the edges of the plastic rounded to avoid any screen scratches.

Not a bad idea, huh? Now you know what to do if your old consoles suffer a similar fate!

[source reddit.com, via htxt.co.za]