We know we've said this plenty of times before, but we sure do miss the good old days of flicking through a game's manual. We imagine a fair few of you will have similar memories to us, picking up a new game from the store and eagerly looking through the booklet on the way home before loading it up, but that's sadly become a thing of the past.

In fact, we know we're not alone in having these nostalgia-filled memories, because a dedicated bunch of gaming fans have created their very own instruction manual for none other than Splatoon 2. Twitter user Nosey Tengu, aka Peter, has got in touch with us to share this creative passion project and we absolutely love the idea. The manual slips into the game's case just as it should, and took a little over a year to make.

Peter says that the project was the cumulative effort of 14 people in total, giving credit to all those who helped to make it happen on Twitter. This Splatoon manual isn't actually the first of its kind, as Peter has also worked on a similar book for ARMS.

Pretty cool, huh?

Do you miss game manuals? Have you kept hold of old manuals for your favourite games? Let us know with a comment below.