We've mentioned it several times in the past, but one of the few minor complaints we have about Animal Crossing: New Horizons is how visiting your friends' islands can quickly become rather stale.

It's cool getting to see how your friends have designed their island, and running around catching fish and bugs together can be fun for a while, but we bet a fair few of you have reached that point where you just end up running round in circles, hitting each other with your net because what else is there to do?

Well, answering that very question perfectly is YouTube user Dalonglong, who created an entire obstacle course for their friends to compete in. An American Ninja Warrior-style tournament for three players, the design has each contestant rolling around, digging up stars, lighting torches, spinning wheels and more, all in a bid to be the first one to reach the end.

It's pretty inventive, and there are several moments that'll make fans of the game chuckle. Watch it here:

It'll take a fair bit of time and planning to pull it off, but if you and your friends are starting to feel the Animal Crossing fatigue kicking in, why not give this a shot?

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