The team behind FUZE4 Nintendo Switch, a digital software package designed to teach beginners how to code their very own video games, will host a free, learn-to-code workshop live on YouTube.

Planned to be the first of several streams, the workshop will cover three basic principles of coding. A press release tells us that "Loops, Variables and If Then statements are fundamental pillars of all programming languages", and you'll be able to learn about and explore each of these in an accessible setting.

Naturally, the show - and the software itself - is aimed at those with a keen interesting in coding and game development. If you'd love nothing more than to make your own games one day, this wouldn't be a bad place to start.

The event can be watched on FUZE's YouTube channel here and will kick off at 2pm BST on Tuesday, 2nd June. You'll have the opportunity to ask your own questions if you'd like to, and even those who don't already own the software are welcome to take part.


Have you tried FUZE4 Nintendo Switch? Are you interested in checking out this workshop? Let us know with a comment below.

Thanks to vinicity for the tip!

[source static-promote.weebly.com, via techbuzzireland.com]