Let’s get one thing straight: FUZE4 isn’t a game. Yes, you can play small snippets of games contained within, but it’s really more of an application focused on coding. It’s designed to teach newcomers the basics and allow seasoned coders to flex their coding skills right on the Switch. It’s not the kind of thing you’ll want to purchase on a whim. This is something that you should really only consider picking up if you have a genuine interest in how coding works and how you can apply it to your own ideas.

Considering how complex coding can potentially be, FUZE4 is really good at breaking it all down into relatively bite-size chunks. You’ll want to check out the tutorial section first, which – although rather wordy – starts you off in the right direction, giving an explanation to the various coding terms you’ll come across along with basic concepts such as how to format your code properly. The actual coding screen is predictably basic, but the keyboard is really responsive, and you can use the right analogue stick to easily scroll up or down.

We mentioned you can play games included in the package. They’re objectively not particularly impressive (and many of them aren’t even games, but more along the lines of tech demos), but that’s really not the point of them. Loading up each game initially displays the code used to create the game, and you’re free to edit or expand on them to your heart’s content. Of course, inputting the wrong data can render the game unplayable, but you can easily rectify this or even start over from scratch, if you wish.

As a gateway into the world of coding, FUZE4 is a nice little package that admirably attempts to soften the daunting prospect of writing code. It's not something we can wholeheartedly recommend unless you’re really interested in seeing how it all works, but to its credit, it does a decent enough job of showing you the basics whilst demonstrating what you could potentially create with a bit of time and practice.