Reggie Animal Crossing
Image: @Reggie

Reggie Fils-Aimé might have left Nintendo last March, but that hasn't stopped the company's former American president from playing all of the latest releases. If you follow him or Twitter or have seen any of our existing posts here on the site, you'll know the game he's been spending the most time with lately is Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

He's shared his own views - stating how he would "never" time travel and would like to see more Star Fragments. While we've seen screenshots of his island, he hasn't done a proper tour of it yet. You might recall how he did one for New Leaf several years ago, so will he follow this up in New Horizons?

In an interview with The Washington Post recently, it was revealed how Reggie hadn't really bothered with terraforming yet until he gets the right mix of villagers, and that he wouldn't be showing off his island to the public until he thought it was up to scratch:

When I feel it’s up to public review, I’ll do some sort of reveal of my island

Earlier this month, Reggie joined the board of directors of the children's entertainment and toy company, Spin Master Corp. Since retiring from his role, he's also part of GameStop's board of directors, Cornell University as a Leader in Residence, and even returned to The Game Awards as a presenter.