Reggie Fils-Aime, Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Image: @Reggie

If you've been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may well have found yourself gazing up at the night sky and seeing the occasional shooting star. Wishing upon these stars can reward you with Star Fragments - a material used to craft several sought-after recipes - but getting your hands on them isn't always as simple as you might think.

You see, wishing upon each star doesn't necessarily earn you a Star Fragment each time; we haven't discovered any exact science behind the numbers, but you only seem to receive a proportion of stars for the number of wishes you make. For example, if you make 50 wishes, you may end up receiving just 15-or-so Star Fragments for your trouble.

A Twitter user detailed their recent haul to ex-Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aimé, explaining that after making 137 wishes, they received 12 Star Fragments, 2 Large Star Fragments, and 1 Aries Fragment (which are particularly rare). Reggie replied after experiencing his own meteor shower in-game, saying that he believes players should be rewarded with more Fragments than is currently the case.

It's interesting enough to hear Reggie's opinion on the matter - especially when that opinion isn't full of blind praise for Nintendo's work - but we thought we'd hand it over to you. Do you think you should receive more Star Fragments in-game, or do you like the fact that they're intentionally hard to get?

Should Animal Crossing: New Horizons give out more Star Fragments per wish? (8,379 votes)

  1. Yes, it would be nice to receive more Fragments75%
  2. No, the rate of Star Fragments shouldn't be increased10%
  3. I'm not sure / I haven't experienced this in the game15%

Feel free to expand upon your answer in the comments below. Reggie also recently had his say on the controversial act of time-travelling, saying he'd "never" do it himself.