Xenoblade Chronicles Switch

Today's the day, folks! Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is finally here on Nintendo Switch and we'd love to know whether or not you're planning on picking up a copy.

Originally released on the Wii around 10 years ago now, Xenoblade Chronicles has practically become a household name among Nintendo fans at this point. With three major entries in the series all exclusive to Nintendo platforms, as well as Shulk's appearance in Super Smash Bros., of course, the series' popularity has never felt higher.

This latest rerelease is a cracking entry, too - our review highlighted the game as "a timely update of one of the greatest RPGs ever" - so we imagine a fair few of you out there are planning on grabbing a copy. Still, some of the more vocal fans within the community have expressed concerns over the game's performance, and we're sure plenty of you already own the original, so maybe this new release isn't for everyone.

So, we hand it over to you. Are you planning on buying Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition?

Will you be getting Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition? (3,484 votes)

  1. Yes! I'm REALLY FEELING IT!59%
  2. Probably, but I won't get it on day one17%
  3. I'm still undecided7%
  4. Probably not, unless a sale or something can convince me10%
  5. Nope, this one isn't for me8%

Feel free to expand upon your answer in the comments below, and remember that you can currently get your hands on lots of lovely free wallpapers showing scenes from the game. If you're still searching for a copy yourself, you can order the game right here.