Image: Nintendo Life

Gyroids are an essential part of the Animal Crossing experience but are noticeably absent from the latest entry on the Nintendo Switch. Well, kind of. Apart from Lloid - who helps you construct public works - the ones you used to dig up in past games and display in your home are nowhere to be found.

It seems, though, they might be making a return. GameXplain recently received a photo of a page from the official Animal Crossing: New Horizons strategy guide which states the following:

Did you know? Gyroids only appear in the ground after it has been raining? Lloid on the other hand appears anytime you need him. Does that make him a superhero?

This fun fact probably wouldn't be questioned if it was a general guide about Animal Crossing, but because it focuses on New Horizons, it's now got the fanbase wondering if it's referring to past games, a feature that's been left out, or a possible future update. If Gyroids were added to New Horizons, it would match up with Ninji's recent datamine.

What do you think? Would you like to be able to decorate your house and island with Gyroids? Leave a comment below.

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