Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 hits the Switch and other systems on April 30th, the same day that the game's official soundtrack album goes live on services like Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music.

We already know that legendary series composers Yuzo Koshrio and Motohiro Kawashima are involved, but the man guiding the project is Olivier Deriviere, and he's assembled a team of fresh composers to give the Streets of Rage series an aural update for 2020.

To get an idea of just how varied a soundtrack the game is getting, you can view the full track listing below along with the personnel involved with its creation. Koshiro and Kawashima – the old guard – get 10 tracks between them, while the remaining songs are all from 'new' artists.

  • Main Theme of Streets of Rage 4 by Yuzo Koshiro
  • Character Select by Yuzo Koshiro
  • They're Back by Yuzo Koshiro
  • The Streets by Olivier Deriviere
  • Chill or Don't by Olivier Deriviere
  • Overflow by Groundislava
  • Call The Cops by Olivier Deriviere
  • Funky HQ by Olivier Deriviere
  • The Commissioner by XL Middleton
  • The Storm Boat by Olivier Deriviere
  • Nora by Keiji Yamagishi
  • Ghost Fair by Olivier Deriviere
  • Estel: Round 1 by Harumi Fujita
  • The Undergrounds by Olivier Deriviere
  • On Fire by Olivier Deriviere
  • Barbon by Motohiro Kawashima
  • Chow Time by Olivier Deriviere
  • Do Joe by Olivier Deriviere
  • Shiva by Yoko Shimomura
  • Aphex Train by Olivier Deriviere
  • Estel: Round 2 by Harumi Fujita
  • An Exhibition by Olivier Deriviere
  • Double Divas by Motohiro Kawashima
  • Rising Up by Olivier Deriviere
  • Maximum by Scattle
  • 25 Years Ago by Olivier Deriviere
  • DJ Kwashi by Motohiro Kawashima
  • A Ki Ra by Olivier Deriviere
  • Lift The Ground by Olivier Deriviere
  • Mrs Y by Yuzo Koshiro
  • Ti Un Fou by Olivier Deriviere
  • Mr Y by Yuzo Koshiro
  • Next Of Kin Showdown by Das Mortal
  • Staff Roll by Motohiro Kawashima
  • It's Extra by Motohiro Kawashima

From what we've heard so far, the soundtrack appears to be in good hands, but it will be interesting to see if the other compositions match what Koshiro and Kawashima contribute – assuming, of course, their own songs are up to scratch with the work they've done with the series previously.

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