Ice Climber SteamWorld

Despite appearing in a number of other titles over the years like Super Smash Bros., Popo and Nana have only ever had the one game under the 'Ice Climber' name (well, two if you count the Vs version). So when should this IP be revisited? And why hasn't that happened already?

Sadly, as with other series like F-Zero, Ice Climber doesn't seem to be all that high on Nintendo's list of priorities at present. Still, the gaming giant hasn't been as controlling over its characters in recent years - Ubisoft has been given access to Mario and Star Fox for Mario + Rabbids and Starlink: Battle for Atlas, and Next Level Games has Luigi's Mansion covered - so what about giving the Ice Climber property to another trusted studio?

Well, developer of the much-loved SteamWorld series of games, Image & Form, has pondered the possibility on social media today. Before anyone gets too excited, we're sure this is simply an innocent tweet to spark conversation, but the replies are overwhelmingly in favour of the idea. A SteamWorld Dig-type game, but travelling up rather than down and with the Ice Climber brand in full force, sounds pretty perfect to us.

The SteamWorld series has almost always been a multiplatform affair, but Image & Form is a studio that would rank highly on any Nintendo fan's list of 'Nindie' favourites. We can't really think of anyone better to take on a name like Ice Climber, so here's hoping this wonderful theory becomes reality one day.

Let us know if you'd like to see this happen with a comment below; perhaps it could even take the shape of a Paper Ice Climbers game like the idea we saw a while ago.