Image: ScrapStoryDev

Before today, if you'd have asked us which games we'd like Nintendo to reveal next year for Nintendo Switch, we doubt any of us would have come up with 'Paper Ice Climbers'. Now, though, that is the only game we want to see, and we absolutely need it right now.

This sudden but very pressing dream has materialised thanks to the video in the tweet below. The clip shows a snow scene video game concept, with the protagonist seemingly taking an awful lot of inspiration from Nintendo's very own Popo of Ice Climber fame.

We urge you to watch the entire 1:38 clip; some of the paper-based animations (which involve rolling around and turning into a paper aeroplane) are absolutely fantastic, and look like they could easily have come straight from the minds of Nintendo's very own development team.

The clip comes from @ScrapPaperDev on Twitter, a somewhat mysterious account which has been documenting the development of a game called Scrap Story. The account regularly posts small clips of footage or behind-the-scenes info to its followers, updating them on the progress of this upcoming RPG, but very little is actually known about the game officially.

Even the video description for this teaser trailer (which is now slightly outdated) simply states, "That's it. Did you really think a teaser would give more info than that?"

This could definitely be one to keep an eye on in the next few months but, until then, let us know your thoughts on the Ice Climber-style footage up above. Would you like to see Nintendo make a Paper Ice Climbers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.