Wii Sports

This November, Wii Sports will turn 14 years old, but the game is seeing a sudden spike in interest and resale value.

The game, which had people all around the world swinging their arms about to play tennis, golf and more in their front rooms back in 2006, has been rising in price on resale websites since February. PriceCharting, a website which tracks sale prices of games across sites like eBay, Amazon, and GameStop, shows the jump in price for both loose and complete copies of the game.

Wii Sports Resale Prices
Image: PriceCharting

While it can't exactly be proven, it would make sense that the surge in price is thanks to more and more people finding themselves stuck in home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. As people search for home-based entertainment and ways to keep fit indoors, Wii Sports has seemingly become a popular title once more. And it was pretty brilliant, so deservedly so.

Of course, we've seen a similar story for the much more recently released Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has been struggling to keep up with demand since launch, with the situation only getting worse due to the coronavirus outbreak, and we've seen the game selling for as much as triple its RRP on eBay.

We suddenly have the urge to play a full match of Wii Sports Tennis. Who's in?

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