There's been on-going demand for Nintendo's exercise game Ring Fit Adventure since it was released last October, and in recent months it's become even harder to find due to the coronavirus outbreak – with shortages and supply issues reported worldwide.

Now, in North America, there seems to be some extreme price gouging happening on eBay, following the arrival of the game's musical update earlier this week. It's bumped prices up to triple the amount of the MSRP, making it more expensive than a Switch Lite. Buyers don't appear to be phased by the asking price – with many of these extra-expensive copies selling out.

Nintendo Life

Although Nintendo's been running out of Ring Fit Adventure stock a while now, things got a little more complicated in recent times when Chinese retailers started buying out any stock they could get their hands on in February. This has resulted in global shortages and resulted in Nintendo's president apologising for this inconvenience.

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