After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Alwa’s Legacy has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch with a summer release window being announced today.

The game is a successor to Alwa's Awakening, an 8-bit inspired platformer that is perhaps best suited to fans of retro action platformers or Metroidvanias. It managed to win over 924 backers by the end of the campaign and is set in the same world as the original title, albeit with a number of important changes. Indeed, the developer notes that it is not a direct sequel, but rather a new "standalone experience".

Here's an official overview:

Alwa’s Legacy honours the past with it’s 16-bit inspired visuals, whilst offering a thoroughly contemporary take on the metroidvania genre - full of puzzles to solve, dungeons to explore, magical items to acquire and ancient secrets to discover. As players make their way through the adventure, new items and a character upgrade system allow them to craft their own playstyle, centred on an offensive, defensive or explorative character build.

The world design is open-ended too, offering players multiple paths to explore at any one time. By mixing beautifully classical pixel art aesthetics with some new visual flourishes such as a realistic lighting system and modern game design principles, Alwa’s Legacy offers a timeless play experience.

We'll make sure to keep an eye out for further details such as an exact release date as and when it appears. Mikael Forslind, Game Designer at Elden Pixels, says "Alwa’s Legacy is the game we’ve always wanted to make, with an expansive game world to explore full of bosses, secrets and amazing platforming challenges. It’s been a tough journey but thanks to the pledges and support of our fans it has now been made possible".

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