We often describe The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as the game that keeps on giving, largely because its players are still exploring, experimenting, and discovering new things more than three years after it first launched.

The latest craze to hit the speedrunning portion of the Breath of the Wild fan community revolves around feeding Hyrule's dogs. There are 16 dogs to be found in total, and players have been trying to discover new tricks to help them reach each one in record time. Now, though, things have gone one step further.

You see, Twitch streamer Pointcrow expanded this idea and transformed it into a live competition. In February, he invited 20 streamers who had no experience of speedrunning the game to compete over a $1,000 prize. Contestants had to learn their way around Hyrule to find all 16 dogs, making sure they have enough food to actually feed them with, and even build Tarry Town - a location where two dogs can be found.

The streamers had to reach each dog in a specific order, and the prize money was split between the overall winner ($600), second place ($300), third place ($100), and a small bonus for fourth place ($10). The video above, uploaded at the weekend, pulls together footage from each streamer and gives a great sense of how everything went down. It's a long watch, but it's certainly an entertaining new way to enjoy the game.

Will this game ever stop being immensely fun? We doubt it.

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