Zelda - Dog

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might be close to three years old now, but there are still plenty of people playing it on a regular basis. Some are happily exploring the land of Hyrule while others are speedrunning the game from start to finish.

If you do keep tabs on the game's speedrunning community, you might have heard about a more recent challenge that's popped up. As detailed by Polygon, there are now speedruns where you race around Hyrule trying to find and feed every dog you can.

A Twitch streamer named Vivoxe is the current world record holder of this speedrun that's been described as one of the most "adorable" categories ever. The standard speedrun techniques like Link clipping walls and bouncing off enemies to gain more flight speed are still present, it's just that the focus is no longer on dungeons, trials or even the enemies.

That doesn't mean the speedrun can avoid the main parts of the game, though. For example, to finish this particular run, players must be able to buy a house and rebuild Tarry Town in order to feed the final dog. See for yourself, in the Twitch stream above.

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