Mario Approves And So Does Miyamoto

While streaming and uploading footage of video games online has become a common practice nowadays, not every company is necessarily thrilled about it. For example, a number of Japanese companies like Arc System Works and Atlus have released special recording and streaming guidelines for their new releases.

In 2017, Nintendo even went to the extent of ruling out live streaming of its games on YouTube. Fortunately, it ended up replacing this program with new guidelines early last year. As the company slowly begins to warm up to the idea of its game footage being shared online by creators, the famous Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has recently shared his own thoughts about players uploading gameplay videos.

The response comes from his recent 12-page Famitsu interview, and was translated by BlackKite (via Japanese Nintendo):

I think it’s good that there’s a variety of ways to enjoy things. In the ROM era, we preferred to have [customers] play for a long time with materials created with very miniscule memory without publicising them. At that time, it would be problematic if the whole game content were to be revealed. But it is now an era where customers that bought [the games] publish videos broadly, and I think that may pique interest about those games to other people who watch it. I think I would also watch walkthrough videos of [games] made by someone else. Honestly, I don’t want to watch my own [games], but if it’s made by someone else it should still be okay.

As Miyamoto explains, sharing gameplay footage online can obviously help pique interest in certain titles. It's also a great way to see a walkthrough of a video game. When Nintendo relaxed its content creator guidelines last year, the global head of YouTube said the video platform was glad to see the company take a "big step forward" and that it was a testament to what the power of creators can do.

What do you think about Miyamoto's response? Does Nintendo need to do more? Share your thoughts below.