Against all odds, Twitch chat has managed to complete yet another video game. Well, kind of. It's not quite as straightforward this time around, but it still is quite the feat. With the help of his followers, streamer Pointcrow was able to conquer Nintendo's highly-praised action-adventure title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

As explained by Polygon, the content creator gave viewers the ability to input commands into chat (as we've seen in the past in series like Twitch Plays Pokémon) – allowing them to perform various actions like parries and backflips with the assistance of macros. One difference was that Twitch only had control over Link for five minutes at a time, and Pointcrow took control in between.

Often he tried to give the chat achievable goals like defeating Bokoblins and even a Guardian, but did admit to teasing viewers by putting Link in front of enemies such as Lynel.

Rather than give a Sisyphus task to my viewers that might take months, if not years, I wanted to make something achievable in a realistic amount of time. And we did!

All up, the game took around 25 hours to play through, and Pointcrow estimates about 17 of those hours were controlled by the viewers in the chat. Link is believed to have been killed in action about 80 times – mostly due to fall damage, and at the very end, the streamer allowed the viewers to land the final blow on Ganon. You can see the action play out in the recording above.

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