That's A Wonderful Desk!
Image: PlatinumGames

Update - Sat 1st Feb, 2020 15:45 GMT: Following on from yesterday's teaser, an anonymous source (via 4Chan), is claiming there will be an announcement for a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of The Wonderful 101, and it will be crowdfunded via Kickstarter.

GameXplain has now added to this – stating how it was able to confirm "some details" via its own source. This includes the supposed confirmation of a Switch and PlayStation 4 release, along with a Kickstarter launch. It's also done some digging around and discovered a Platinum Games Kickstarter page, but can't actually confirm whether it's real or fake at this point in time.

We'll add to this by saying we've had a similar confirmation from our own source, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Original article - Fri 31st Jan, 2020 11:35 GMT: We all know that Nintendo fans love a bit of PlatinumGames, and if there's one title that they'd love to see come to Switch, it's The Wonderful 101.

The Wii U version was critically acclaimed but sold poorly, so it's ripe for rediscovery on Nintendo's latest console – and PlatinumGames has been pretty cute about the chances of that happening in the past.

Now, it would seem that the studio is laying down some pretty major hints about the game coming to Switch – check out the following tweet, and pay close attention to the time and date on Hideki Kamiya's screen, as well as the console he has sat on his desk:

This isn't the first time that the studio has teased Switch owners with some Wonderful 101-style goodness – perhaps it's just a joke? Or, maybe there's more to it? PlatinumGames has recently gained investment from Chinese media giant Tencent and has stated that it has some big news coming early this year – could this be it?