Just a few days ago, Platinum Games posted a Tweet that got Switch fans excited for a potential Bayonetta game for the Switch. While the company was typically coy with information, it got plenty of people talking about the company supporting the Switch. Of course, along with the Bayonetta games, Platinum also brought The Wonderful 101 to the Wii U, and now it’s teasing that game for a Switch release.

Earlier today, Platinum sent out a tweet showing a few characters from the game playing their game, while holding Famicom-styled Switch controllers. While a far cry from any sort of announcement of a port or sequel, it certainly stands to reason that Platinum wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of making this image and posting it on social media just for the heck of it. And given the earlier stunt with Bayonetta, it seems that the company certainly has some plans for the Switch.

What do you think? What is Platinum up to? Wouyld you buy The Wonderful 101 on the Switch? Share  your thoughts in the comments below.