The idea of porting The Wonderful 101 to Switch seems to be brought up surprisingly often. Indeed, it was only a couple of weeks ago when we last heard about it, as PlatinumGames executive director Atsushi Inaba said that he was "glad" he has spoken about it in the past and asked fans to be patient.

This has been going on for some time, too. There was a tease for a Switch port back in July 2017, then it was brought up in an official manner in April 2018; this February Inaba even confessed he'd love to "secretly" announce the game for Switch. Nintendo technically owns The Wonderful 101 IP, but it's clear Platinum at least would like to rerelease it.

Now, speaking to VGC at E3, Inaba has once again commented on the game. When asked about the game's port progress, he said "The Wonderful 101 is obviously something that we hold near and dear to our hearts. And so we’ve talked to a lot of different people about what it is and what it means".

Interestingly, he elaborated on this a little further, once again mentioning that he's "glad" about the current situation.

“We’ve done a lot of intel gathering and the only thing that I can say right now is that I’m glad we did. I’m glad that we talked to a lot of different people.”

It certainly sounds like some pretty exciting things are going on behind-the-scenes at Platinum, but we'll have to keep waiting for any official confirmation, it seems. If you didn't pick this one up on Wii U a few years back, here's hoping you're in for a treat on your shiny new Switch.

[source videogameschronicle.com]