We All Stand Together Bom Bom

Earlier this week we posted our ranking of all the Fire Emblem games that have received an official release in the West. With a series this good our personal ranking was always going to be contentious, and judging from the comments that proved to be the case. With such a divide in public opinion, we've decided to put the vote to the people and get a consensus from you lovely lot.

Perhaps more than any of our other series rankings, this one proved to be a very tight pack indeed. Some readers generally agreed with our picks bar the odd tweak or demotion for a particular entry; others voiced a desire to turn the table entirely on its head! Being fans of the handheld experience when it comes to strategy games, we at Nintendo Life Towers naturally gravitated towards entries on portable hardware. As we were at pains to point out, that is absolutely not to say the GameCube and Wii entries are poor - far from it - but the sweetness of portability certainly influences our personal tastes.

Still, we've had our say - now it's your turn. Below you will find the same selection of Fire Emblem games that we wrangled into our ranked list. Voting is simple: pick your top 3 favourites and hit the vote button. This will then assemble the cumulative ranking of the Fire Emblem games according to you lovely people:

In your opinion, which are the best Fire Emblem games released in the West?

(You can select up to 3 answers)

It will be most intriguing to see how this community ranking compares with our personal list. As always, let's be lovely and civil and awesome to each other and please remember that all opinions are valid! Even wrong ones.

Jokes! Let us know how you voted below.