Nintendo Switch

Europe and the US could see Nintendo Switch stock shortages as soon as April due to the coronavirus outbreak, a new report claims.

According to Bloomberg, which cites "people with knowledge of [Nintendo's] supply chain" as its source, the company is "likely" to struggle to keep up with Switch stock demands in western markets. It notes that limited component supply coming out of China is having an effect on a Nintendo assembly partner's factory in Vietnam - a factory which is primarily used to manufacture consoles for the US.

Nintendo admitted that the coronavirus had impacted Switch production in Japan towards the end of last month, but offered reassurances to those in North America and Europe the following week. At the time, the company said that it "does not anticipate a significant impact on our broader global supply chain for systems and accessories", and that "product sales in North America and Europe, including preorders, are not affected".

Specifically, the virus has so far impacted the production and sale of the Animal Crossing-themed Switch in Japan, and also caused Private Division to delay the release of The Outer Worlds on Nintendo's platform.