So, we now find ourselves in 2020 and we're still talking about new discoveries being found in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It seems that for every trick you stumble across, three more are waiting just around the corner.

Today's new insight actually comes from a discussion that has been taking place between fans on the Breath of the Wild subreddit. It concerns the Korok Leaf, a pretty common item that you can usually find by chopping down trees, and how you can actually get a whole lot more use out of it than many first thought.

For starters, check out this method of hopping on a Sand Seal. At first, the player simply throws a bomb to stun the seal (poor thing), but you'll soon see that the Korok Leaf makes things quicker and more efficient.

If you're wondering, the video's creator lainerjob says that you do this by pressing 'Y' to blow with a Korok Leaf, then jumping quickly and pressing 'L' to drop a bomb.

The reaction to this post has been largely full of shock and amazement (as well as the odd bit of concern for the seal's wellbeing, which was nice to see), but some Redditers went on to share their own Korok Leaf tricks. One user going by the name of rugtoad discusses how the leaf can even be useful in the Master Sword DLC trials:

"Spend a little time exploring the world and experimenting with that leaf. You can do a quite a bit of hilarious nonsense with it.

"It's also surprisingly useful in the Master Sword trials, combat is a quite a bit easier if you aren't dealing with a mob, so getting on a platform and knocking a few [Bokoblins] off of it can give you the room you need to breathe. If it's a high enough platform (such as the one in Room 4 of the beginning trials where the bomb barrels are), you can straight up kill a [Bokoblin] by sending him flying off of a platform. The second-to-last room is another one, you can get rid of pretty much all of the high-powered [enemies] on the last platform by sending them sailing off into the water."

Other words of advice were also shared, including the idea that a blow of the Korok Leaf can have a bomb attached to an Octo Balloon fly a considerable distance, should you want to blow something up that's wildly out of reach. They're simple ideas once you've heard them, but most of these are things we never would have thought about trying.

What a game.

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