Ring Fit Adventure

Update: We got in contact with Migui and he confirmed to us that his weight loss over the 30-day period was, in fact, real and so are the photos. He also explained to us how Ring Fit Adventure "worked well" with a "combination of proper diet and exercise."

We hope he's inspired our lovely readers here on Nintendo Life to achieve their own fitness goals in 2020!

Original Story: If there's one thing we've been reminded of over the past year, it's that fitness games are quite popular. When Fitness Boxing was originally released on the Switch, the developer Imagineer ended up having to issue an apology in Japan due to nationwide shortages after stories spread of weight loss success.

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The same thing happened when Ring Fit Adventure arrived on the hybrid system last October – with Nintendo having to apologise for stock shortages (again, in Japan) after strong sales in the first month of the game's release.

Has Ring Fit Adventure had the same impact on the health and fitness of users as Fitness Boxing? Apparently it has, according to a Ring Fit player named Migui Minaj, who recently uploaded a before and after photo of himself after one month. This regular user reportedly exercised in the game for about 25 minutes a day and made sure to keep track of his diet at the same time. Here's the result:

Before and after 30 days of exercise in Ring Fit Adventure

Is getting fit part of your new year resolution? Have you been exercising in Ring Fit Adventure regularly? Are you noticing any differences? Share your own fitness journey in the comments below.

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