Ring Fit Adventure - Nintendo's latest attempt to get gamers off the sofa and into shape by gamifying your exercise regimen - has been on shelves for nearly a month-and-a-half now and it seems to have gone down very well indeed with Switch gamers. That's certainly the case in Japan where it has released a statement on its website apologising for stock shortages.

This comes in a particularly strong sales week for Nintendo where the company claimed 95% of all console sales in Japan. Putting out a link on its official Twitter account, the company has apologised to both customers and retailers for the supply shortage and promises to increase the number of shipments before the year is out:

Ring Fit Adventure got off to a great start worldwide when it launched in mid-October, especially in Nintendo's homeland where the most recent charts have it sitting in second place beyond the all-conquering Pokémon Sword and Shield. Total sales of 290,081 units in Japan might not sound like much next to Pokémon's 1,740,084 games sold, but it's obviously performing better than Nintendo anticipated.

The game has been popular with a wide audience, including "a lot of women" according to Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa. The Pilates ring-style tension-sensing peripheral that comes with the game obviously makes digital sales impossible, so the company will be anxious to replenish stock as soon as possible during the busy holiday period.

For our money, it combines exercise with gaming more successfully than Wii Fit ever did and may be the perfect thing to help beat the belly-growth this festive season. Check out our review if you're anxious to work off the the turkey and treats but can't face leaving the house.

Have you already indulged in some ring-based adventuring? How are you getting on with it? Share your Ring Fit stories below with a trim little comment.

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