Over the past few days, rumours surrounding two potential Wii U ports supposedly being planned for rereleases on Switch have been almost impossible to ignore. So much so, in fact, that we decided to ask you lovely people which remaining Wii U hits you'd like to see make the jump in a poll.

These potential ports haven't been confirmed or even spoken about publicly by Nintendo, but the evidence for their imminent reveal seems to be stacking up. Peer Schneider, co-founder and Chief Content Officer at IGN, has commented on the two unannounced games during a podcast hosted by Nintendo Voice Chat:

"The secret Wii U ports that are being discussed; one of them is a nine out of 10 for me, and one of them is more of a six out of 10..."

After a little more discussion, in which the rest of the panel discuss guessing the games he's referring to, he adds:

"I really liked what Nintendo did with their take on real-time strategy games."

So, if all of this is to be believed, one of the two games is a real-time strategy title. The obvious choice jumping out to us here would be Pikmin 3; the Switch doesn't have any Pikmin representation so far, Pikmin 4 seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth, and the way Schnieder talks about liking Nintendo's "take" means it has to be a first-party title.

As for the other one, who knows? If we had to bet on anything we'd say The Wonderful 101, mostly because a rerelease has been on PlatinumGames' collective mind for a while now. If and when these two unannounced ports are officially confirmed, we will, of course, let you know.

Do you believe the rumours? Do you agree with our Pikmin guess, or do you think it could be something else? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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