The 3DS Direct carried a lot of big surprises with it, one of which was the confirmation of a new Pikmin game for 3DS. Word's been floating around for a while about there being a Pikmin 4 on the way, and – unless there's another Pikmin in development – it seems likely that this is what Miyamoto was talking about.

The new Pikmin game will be the first portable entry in the series and will eschew the standard 3D approach for 2D action. Pikmin can be thrown by tapping on the touch screen, and the original three Pikmin are confirmed to be in the game so far. Also, it was said that this new Pikmin game is being designed with more action in mind; it'll be interesting to see how the gameplay differs then from the previous three entries. It's simply been given the tentative name of Pikmin for now, and releases some time in 2017.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to this? What new Pikmin types do you think could make an appearance here? Drop us a comment in the section below