Image: @jerseyitguy

Time and time again, Microsoft's Adaptive Controller has proven to be a fantastic bit of kit. We've seen a number of cases where it has given people the chance to play their favourite games when they otherwise wouldn't have been able to, and this particular example is sure to lift up your gloomy Monday.

Rory Steel has shared this short clip to social media, showing off how a combination of Microsoft's controller and his own craftsmanship has helped his daughter Ava to enjoy The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can see it for yourself below; Rory explains that the buttons and sticks on Ava's controller are mapped to the individual ports on the back of Microsoft's gadget.

A huge well done to everyone involved here, from the developers at Microsoft all the way down the line to Rory himself. Games should, of course, be there for everyone to enjoy equally and it's wonderful to see something hit the market which works towards that so well.

Have fun, Ava! Breath of the Wild's a cracker.