For gaming fans with limited mobility, Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller is an extremely useful tool which can help a whole range of games suddenly become fully accessible. By swapping out the original controller's buttons for much larger and fully customisable input options, those who struggle to hold a traditional pad can use the device to access every command they might need.

At present, Nintendo doesn't provide an equivalent option for its gaming consoles, with players currently having to use the standard controllers or buttons supplied with each device. YouTube user My Mate VINCE has found a way to connect Microsoft's Adaptive controller to the Switch, however, potentially opening up new ways to play for anyone who struggles with Nintendo's machine.

The setup is relatively straightforward, although - with the Xbox Adaptive Controller not being a product made by Nintendo - this setup isn't officially supported and could discount any warranty you may have for your Switch should anything go wrong. Also, as the controller hasn't been designed for Switch, the controller inputs aren't quite as perfect as they are with an Xbox controller, but they're more than good enough to have a good old game of Mario Kart. You can check it all out for yourself (including what you'll need to set it up) below.

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