Super Kirby Clash Artwork
Image: Twitter

Have you downloaded Super Kirby Clash from the Switch eShop yet? It is a free-to-start game Nintendo announced during a Direct presentation in September that got released on the very same day.

Nintendo's now revealed the game has been downloaded more than four million times, in just under four months. To celebrate this special occasion, there's currently a super sale taking place, allowing players to save 20% on Gem Apples (the in-game currency). Nintendo of America also released a special music video:

If you haven't given Super Kirby Clash a go yet, it mixes Kirby with Monster Hunter. In our review, we gave it eight out of ten stars and said it maintain the series standard with its impressively diverse boss roster and straightforward RPG-lite mechanics.

Have you downloaded this game on your Switch? What did you think of it? Share your thoughts below.