During today's Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Kirby is returning to Nintendo Switch in a brand new free-to-start title called Super Kirby Clash.

We've got the official description straight from Nintendo below to teach you more about the game, as well as an adorable selection of screenshots. Take a look:

To defeat bosses this wicked, it’ll take a whole team of Kirbys! In this free-to-start multiplayer action game, you can choose from four unique Roles and join up to three other players to take down tough bosses. Puff up your power by crafting weapons and spending materials at the shop to receive even MORE weapons, not to mention armor and items. Pass a Joy-Con controller to a friend to play locally, and if you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can even play online!

Are you a Sword Hero? Hammer Lord? Beam Mage? Or Doctor Healmore?! No matter what, each mighty role offers up a unique way to play. Story Quest lets players team-up locally by sharing Joy-Con controllers, while Party Quest enables users to play together on one system, via local wireless, or online. Plus, tapping compatible amiibo figures/accessories will earn you extra fragments to help craft new gear! Are you ready? For Kirby, the answer is always fight and flight.

Do you like the sound of this one? Will you be giving it a go? Share your initial thoughts with us in the comments below.

Super Kirby Clash launches on Nintendo Switch today, 4th September.