SNES Switch

Leading up to the Nintendo Switch Online service's launch back in September 2018, and during the few months that followed, it was impossible to get away from talk surrounding people's like or dislike for its offerings, including its library of retro games.

As subscribers will be aware, being a member of Nintendo Switch Online grants you access to a number of NES and SNES games on the go. Whether you enjoyed your batch of retro games to play anytime, anywhere, or weren't particularly fussed about the whole thing, the regular updates at least added some value to the service and helped younger generations experience classics for the first time.

Fast forward to the present day, though, and the updates seem to have just stopped.

Loading up the NES app today presents you with 63 titles (including the SP version games that would appear each month), the most of recent of which were added way back in August. As September 2019 rolled around, a batch of 20 SNES games arrived, but nothing else has been added to that collection since either. So what's going on, Nintendo? Why have the games stopped coming?

We expected these to get a little more use
Image: Nintendo

In September, when the SNES games first appeared on Switch, Nintendo revealed that new titles would appear "irregularly", rather than as part of the previous monthly system. It was said that this new 'irregular' strategy would also apply to the NES app, meaning that we'd no longer get the usual batch of three to four games on an easy-to-predict schedule.

That's fine - we don't need the same number of new games to appear on the exact same day each month, but we expected to have heard something by now. It's been almost three whole months since the SNES games launched and it's been more than three months since we last had a NES update, so are we wrong to have assumed that we'd have at least a couple of new titles by this point?

Are we about to get a bumper edition update for Christmas? Does Nintendo have something special lined up that we don't know about, or has it completely forgot that these services exist? We guess only time will tell... Hopefully.