SNES games have finally arrived on Nintendo Switch, joining the already existing NES library to create an ever-growing treasure trove of retro delights for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Previously, when we only had the NES games to enjoy, new titles were released (almost) religiously on the second Wednesday of every month, but this is about to change.

Nintendo's official website in Japan has posted an article covering the new SNES game service, indicating that new titles will appear "irregularly", rather than every month. This new format will apply to the NES library, too, so it looks like any new additions for either console could come at any time.

As you'd expect, it appears that this will definitely be a worldwide affair and not just limited to Japan. Australian site Vooks received a statement from Nintendo in their region, being told that new games "will be added after launch, but those releases will not adhere to a regular schedule”.

Does this mean that we'll only receive new games every few months, or will we end up getting lots of surprises coming at us each week? Only time will tell.

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