Remember that wacky Bakuchou Bar Hunter title Bandai Namco released on the 3DS in Japan, complete with bolt-on fishing rod accessory? Well, the series is now making the leap to Nintendo Switch in the form of Bakutsuri Hunters, which launches in Japan next month.

The game is a fishing RPG which comes with a plastic bolt-on accessory called the 'Bakuchou Giga Rod' that transforms your Joy-Con into a fully-fledged fishing rod. The game can sense the movement of the Joy-Con so you can cast your line realistically, while the handle on the side controls your line. A series of keychain-style lures are also available, which can be scanned into the game using the Joy-Con's IR blaster.

The game is supported by an anime and manga series. Bandai has prior form in the realm of fishing rod accessories for game consoles; back in the '90s, it created a similar device for the Game Boy title Grander Musashi RV.

Bakutsuri Hunters launches in Japan on December 7th with a price of ¥5,280, which gets you the rod accessory and a download code.