Think the 3DS is on its last legs? Try telling that to Bandai Namco, which has announced plans to release a game called Bakuchou Bar Hunter in Japan next year.

Details are pretty light on the ground at present but it appears to be some kind of fishing simulation, and even comes with a cool-looking peripheral (shown in the image above, attached to - strangely - an original 3DS console) which is used to reel in your catches. 

It's not currently known if this release has any connection with the similarly-titled Konami Game Boy Color RPG Bakuchou Retrieve Master, which was also a fishing game.

The chances of this title and its zany add-on making it out of Japan are perhaps slim, but would you like to get your hands on this mysterious game?

[source japanesenintendo.com, via ryokutya2089.com]