Image: Mason Drumm

Something about the majesty of the Legend of Zelda series makes people go above and beyond in their passion for the series. Just yesterday, we shared a wonderful hand-drawn map of Breath of the Wild's world, and then a LEGO version of Link's house, and now we have yet another wonderful creation we felt worth sharing with the world.

This next project is from Mason Drumm who spent 65 hours over six weeks completing the map. He says, "Inspired by hundreds of hours spent playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I set out to create a wood and epoxy, hand-crafted, 3D topographical map of Hyrule. Every nook and cranny of the map has an adventure or memory I can recall from playing the game with my wife on the Nintendo Switch".

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Image: Mason Drumm

You can actually get a great look behind the scenes of the map being built in the video below, which also comes with its very own Game of Thrones opening-inspired intro.

Amazing stuff. Great job, Mason!