Remember a few months back when Sonic's design was revealed for the upcoming movie and the internet collectively broke down in terror? Of course you do. You'll want to strap yourselves in for this one.

Yes, jumping right to the very top of any 'top 10 scary Halloween costume' lists this year, and then immediately into the bin where it belongs, is this Sonic the Hedgehog movie costume. Hooray!

The costume is based on the original Sonic design - back in May, the movie's director promised that Sonic would be redesigned to coincide with fans' wishes after some not-so-friendly feedback - but it appears that the promise came too late for this particular product.

Instagram user @treasurehuntingsonic says that you can find the costume at Walmart for just $19.97. We're not quite sure whether this detail was provided purely as extra information or as a kind of dare, but you can go ahead and try to locate one at your nearest store if you're interested.

Regrettably, being from the UK, we can't really go ahead and grab one ourselves. If you do end up getting one, we'd love to know your thoughts on it so make sure to get in touch. Wowzers.

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