Ever since the first trailer for the official Sonic The Hedgehog movie went live the other day, the internet hasn't stopped talking about the blue blur's design. He's got human-like teeth, beady eyes and electric hair. He doesn't really resemble the Sega mascot Nintendo fans have grown increasingly fond of over the years.

Fortunately, changes will be happening. The movie's Director Jeff Fowler recently took to Twitter and said the message was "loud and clear" – people are unhappy about the design and want adjustments to be made. He further elaborated by saying how Paramount Pictures and Sega both want to make the character the best he can possibly be on the silver screen.

It seems like there's still enough time between now and the film's release in November to rework the design of the blue hedgehog and make the necessary changes to each scene. While it's hard to say what condition the rest of the movie is in at this stage or if it needs a touch-up, based on the trailer alone, it seems like Robotnik (played by Jim Carrey) has been handled slightly better.

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