Mario Kart Tour has several things going for it - the racing is decent if not spectacular, it's great seeing all of our favourite Mario stars (except Luigi) racing around on our phones, and the new tracks are fun to explore - but this pricing system is really starting to take the biscuit.

As part of the new Tokyo Tour, which has just added plenty of new characters, courses, and more into the game, a new selection of bundles has appeared to offer players some in-game items. Among them is a 'Diddy Kong Pack', a bundle which offers 90 Rubies, a Quick Ticket, and Diddy Kong himself as a playable character for a whopping £38.99.

Now, we can't believe we're saying this, but this technically works out as a good deal compared to the app's usual pricing. 90 Rubies alone (which are used to play Coin Rush or could be spent on 20 pulls of the pipe to earn new in-game items) would usually cost considerably more, so you are, in fact, saving money, but the whole thing is ridiculous regardless. We took a screenshot to show you:


Out of curiosity, we did a quick Google search for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - the fully fleshed out, absolutely incredible Mario Kart experience available on Nintendo Switch. The top result for us was an Amazon listing, and guess what... At the time of writing you can buy it for £38.99.

That's right, you can either spend £39 on what is essentially 20 loot boxes and a digital monkey, or one of the best video games to have released in recent years. Tough call, right?

Mario Kart Tour had an incredibly successful launch in terms of downloads, but not quite so much when it comes to player spending. We wonder why?

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